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Mixing   & Mastering

The importance of Perception

A really true story 

The hours you used in producing the song you wrote, the beats you created or the vocal you wanted to share are going to exponentially & emotionally attach you to the project and your perception won't be as a new pair of fresh ears would be!  This is just one of the reasons why someone else should Mix or Master you tracks and

I'll gladly accept the challenge if you'd like me to!

I do have the very best plugins on the market right now, combined with an amazing Digital Audio Workstations such as Mixbus. I do produce and mix a lot in Ableton Live, but when it comes to release something, my choice is the Warm, Precise and Analog sounds that Mixbus allow me to reach!

Rules - Budget - Upload

Easy, Peasy

My rules are simple, too simple:

  1.  You contact me through email or by filling the form here.

  2. We talk about the project and we set some goals to achieve as final result!

  3. I'll give you the final product but this time ready to be released worldwide!

I am not going to charge you anything for a revision, unless is a massive one,

so sleep tight and comfortably because I am working on it already!

I am very flexible with prices, based on information like:

  1. Budget How much you'd like to pay,

  2. Stems The amount of Audio tracks you have,

  3. Work The amount of Work and hours I will dedicate to it!

Contact me or fill this form with all the information you can give me :)

Upload your files zipped and send it to using Wetransfer.

Tracks audio with the best quality you can give me:

  • 44.1 KHz - 48 KHz or 96 KHz with 16/24 or even better 32 bit.

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